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Photo booth hire for weddings

A photo booth is a popular addition to weddings, providing a fun and interactive experience for guests. It allows them to capture candid moments, create lasting memories, and engage with each other during the event. But what exactly is a photo booth and why should you consider hiring one for your wedding?

A photo booth is a small, self-contained setup that enables guests to take photos of themselves, usually with props and accessories, using a camera and a touch screen interface. The photos are then printed instantly or shared digitally for easy access.

So, why should you hire a photo booth for your wedding? Here are a few compelling reasons:

1. Fun and Entertainment: A photo booth adds an element of fun and entertainment to your wedding celebration. It gives guests an opportunity to let loose, be silly, and create memorable moments together.

2. Capture Candid Moments: Unlike traditional wedding photography, a photo booth captures candid and spontaneous moments. It allows guests to express their personalities and showcase their creativity, resulting in unique and memorable photos.

3. Create Lasting Memories: The photos taken in the photo booth serve as a keepsake for both you and your guests. They create lasting memories of your special day that can be cherished for years to come.

4. Guest Engagement: A photo booth encourages guest interaction and engagement. It provides a social space where guests can come together, bond, and create fun memories with the bride and groom and with each other.

5. Unique Wedding Experience: Hiring a photo booth adds a unique touch to your wedding. It offers a different experience for your guests and sets your wedding apart from others.

When choosing the right photo booth for your wedding, there are several factors to consider, such as the type of booth (open-air or enclosed), customization options, availability of props and accessories, instant printing, and the presence of a professional attendant.

It’s also important to consider your budget, any venue restrictions, the space requirements for the booth, and the availability and booking process. Reading reviews and seeking recommendations can help ensure you choose a reputable and reliable photo booth provider.

To ensure a successful photo booth experience at your wedding, promote the photo booth in advance, encourage guest participation, provide clear instructions, have backup options in case of technical difficulties, and incorporate personalization to make the experience even more special.

By hiring a photo booth for your wedding, you can elevate the entertainment factor, capture memorable moments, and provide a unique and engaging experience for your guests.

What is a Photo Booth?

What is a Photo Booth? A photo booth is a self-contained booth that allows people to take photos of themselves and their friends. It is a popular addition to events like weddings and parties. Photo booths usually have a camera and a touchscreen display that enables users to take and edit photos. Some even have props and filters to enhance the photo-taking experience. Photo booths provide a fun and interactive way for guests to create memories and have instant prints to take home. They have become a must-have entertainment feature for many events.

How Does a Photo Booth Work?

A photo booth is an interactive kiosk that allows people to take photos and usually provides instant prints. If you’re wondering, “How Does a Photo Booth Work?” Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Step 1: Entering the booth – Guests enter the booth and close the curtain or door for privacy.
  2. Step 2: Selecting options – A touchscreen or button panel allows guests to choose between photo layouts, filters, or digital props.
  3. Step 3: Striking poses – Guests can see themselves on a monitor and pose for the camera.
  4. Step 4: Countdown – The booth typically has a countdown timer to let guests know when the photo will be taken.
  5. Step 5: Snap the photo – The booth captures the photo using a camera, either with a physical flash or LED lights.
  6. Step 6: Review the photo – Guests can preview the photo on a screen before deciding to print or retake it.
  7. Step 7: Instant printing – If guests choose to print, the photo booth will quickly deliver high-quality photos in seconds.
  8. Step 8: Digital sharing – Some photo booths allow guests to directly share their photos to their emails or social media accounts.

Why Hire a Photo Booth for Weddings?

Capture the magic of your special day with a photo booth! Discover why hiring a photo booth for your wedding is an absolute must. From creating lasting memories to capturing candid moments, this section will explore the incredible benefits of having a photo booth at your wedding. Get ready for fun and entertainment, guest engagement, and a truly unique wedding experience that will have everyone talking for years to come. Don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your big day with this exciting addition!

Fun and Entertainment

Hiring a photo booth for weddings adds a element of fun and entertainment to the event, creating lasting memories for both the couple and their guests. Here are some reasons why a photo booth is a great addition:

  • Capture Candid Moments: Photo booths provide a space for guests to let loose and express themselves, resulting in authentic and spontaneous photos.
  • Create Lasting Memories: Guests can take home printed photos as a memento of the wedding, creating a tangible memory of the celebration.
  • Guest Engagement: Photo booths encourage interaction and engagement among guests, breaking the ice and creating a lively atmosphere.
  • Unique Wedding Experience: A photo booth offers a unique and memorable experience that sets the wedding apart from others.
  • Above all, a photo booth is a source of enjoyment for guests of all ages, ensuring a fun-filled wedding celebration.

Capture Candid Moments

Capturing candid moments is one of the key reasons to hire a photo booth for weddings. The photo booth provides a relaxed and fun environment where guests can let loose and express their true personalities. Here are some ways a photo booth helps in capturing candid moments:

  • Spontaneity: With props and a photo booth backdrop, guests feel more comfortable and are more likely to let their guard down, resulting in genuine and candid photos.
  • Privacy: The enclosed nature of some photo booths allows guests to freely express themselves without feeling self-conscious, leading to authentic and candid moments.
  • Multiple Shots: Guests can take multiple photos in the booth, experimenting with different poses and expressions, increasing the chances of capturing candid and unrehearsed moments.
  • Fun Atmosphere: The photo booth creates a lively and enjoyable atmosphere, encouraging guests to be playful and spontaneous, resulting in candid and memorable photos.
  • Unforgettable Memories: Candid moments captured in the photo booth serve as lasting memories of the wedding day, showcasing the joy and emotions shared by all.

At my cousin’s wedding, they had a photo booth set up to capture candid moments. It turned out to be a highlight of the night. As the evening progressed, guests let loose, enjoyed the props, and created hilarious and candid moments. From silly faces to impromptu dance moves, the photo booth captured the true essence of the celebration, capturing candid moments that will be remembered forever. Looking back at those photos still brings a smile to our faces and reminds us of the joyous atmosphere that defined the wedding.

Create Lasting Memories

When hiring a photo booth for weddings, one of the main benefits is the ability to create lasting memories for both the couple and their guests. By capturing fun and candid moments throughout the event, the photo booth allows guests to create lasting memories. These memories can be preserved as physical prints or digital copies, serving as cherished mementos. The photo booth experience becomes even more memorable when personalization options such as custom backgrounds or props are incorporated. To ensure a successful and unforgettable experience for everyone involved, couples can promote the photo booth in advance, encourage guest participation, and provide clear instructions. Ultimately, the photo booth has the power to create lasting memories that will be cherished for years to come.

Guest Engagement

Guest engagement is one of the main advantages of hiring a photo booth for weddings. It introduces a fun and interactive element to the occasion, resulting in memorable experiences for the guests. Below are some ways in which a photo booth can enhance guest engagement:

  • Entertainment: Having a photo booth ensures that guests of all ages are entertained and engaged throughout the wedding reception.
  • Breaking the Ice: The photo booth creates an environment for guests to interact with each other, breaking the ice and facilitating conversation.
  • Fun Props: Including a diverse range of props and accessories in the photo booth inspires guests to be creative, resulting in enjoyable and unique photos.
  • Group Photos: Photo booths enable large groups of guests to capture photos together, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared experiences.
  • Digital Sharing: With instant printing and digital sharing features, guests can promptly share their photos on social media, increasing engagement and excitement.

Unique Wedding Experience

Hiring a photo booth for weddings can create a unique wedding experience for both the couple and their guests. Here are some reasons why:

  • Fun and Entertainment: A photo booth adds an element of fun and entertainment to the wedding, allowing guests to let loose and enjoy themselves.
  • Capture Candid Moments: The candid moments captured in a photo booth can be some of the most memorable and cherished from the wedding day.
  • Create Lasting Memories: With instant printing and digital sharing options, guests can take home physical prints or share their photos online, ensuring lasting memories of the special day.
  • Guest Engagement: A photo booth gives guests an interactive experience, encouraging them to engage with each other and create fun memories together.
  • Incorporating a photo booth into the wedding adds a unique wedding experience touch that sets it apart from traditional weddings, making it a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone.

How to Choose the Right Photo Booth for Your Wedding?

Are you wondering how to choose the right photo booth for your wedding? Look no further! Incorporating the following factors will ensure you have the perfect setup for capturing memories on your special day.

  • Size: One of the first things to consider is the space available at your venue. Make sure to choose a booth that fits comfortably within the designated area.
  • Features: Enhance the guest experience by considering the desired features such as props, custom backdrops, and instant printing. These additions will surely impress.
  • Photo quality: To cherish clear and crisp pictures, it is important to look for a photo booth that offers high-resolution images. Don’t settle for anything less!
  • Setup and dismantling: Opt for a booth that can be easily assembled and disassembled without causing any disruptions. This will save you precious time on your big day.
  • Cost: Setting a budget is crucial, but don’t compromise on quality. Look for options that fit within your price range while still delivering the experience you desire.

Open-Air or Enclosed Photo Booth?

An important consideration when hiring a photo booth for your wedding is whether to go for an open-air or an enclosed photo booth. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Space: Open-air booths require less space and are more flexible in terms of setup. Enclosed booths, on the other hand, provide a private and intimate experience.
  • Guest Interaction: Open-air booths allow for more social interaction and can accommodate larger groups. Enclosed booths offer a more intimate setting for guests to let loose.
  • Aesthetics: Open-air booths can blend seamlessly with any wedding theme and provide a modern look. Enclosed booths offer a classic and traditional feel.
  • Privacy: Open-air booths are better suited for extroverted guests who don’t mind being in the spotlight. Enclosed booths provide a sense of privacy for shy or reserved guests.
  • Lighting: Open-air booths rely on natural or ambient lighting, which can affect the quality of photos. Enclosed booths have controlled lighting, ensuring consistent photo quality throughout.

Consider your venue, guest preferences, and the overall atmosphere you want to create before deciding between an open-air or enclosed photo booth. Both options can be a hit at weddings, it just depends on your personal style and vision for your big day.

Customization Options

When hiring a photo booth for weddings, customization options are a crucial factor to take into account. These customization options play a significant role in personalizing the photo booth experience and making it distinct for your special day. Here are some essential customization options to consider:

– Customized photo templates:Opt for a photo booth that provides the flexibility to design your own templates, perfectly aligned with your wedding theme or logo.
– Backdrop selection:Ensure that the photo booth offers a diverse range of backdrop options to match your wedding decor and ambiance.
– Props and accessories:Look for a photo booth that offers an extensive selection of props and accessories, allowing you to reflect your unique wedding style.
Green screen technology:Take into consideration a photo booth equipped with green screen technology. This impressive feature enables you to create custom backgrounds for your photos, adding a touch of creativity.
– Branding options:If you have specific branding or sponsor requirements, choose a photo booth that offers branding options to align with your preferences.

Fact: By incorporating customization options in your photo booth, you can curate a truly personalized and unforgettable experience for both you and your guests.

Props and Accessories

When hiring a photo booth for your wedding, selecting the right props and accessories can greatly enhance the overall experience. Here are some popular options to consider:

  • Themed Props: Incorporate props that match your wedding theme or colors, such as props for a tropical or vintage-themed wedding.
  • Signage: Include fun signs with phrases like “Mr. & Mrs.” or “Best Day Ever” to add a personalized touch to the photos.
  • Hats and Headgear: Offer a variety of hats, headbands, and tiaras for guests to wear and pose with.
  • Glasses and Masks: Provide an assortment of quirky glasses, sunglasses, and masks to add a touch of humor to the pictures.
  • Chalkboard Speech Bubbles: Have speech bubble props that guests can write on with chalk to express funny messages or well-wishes.

Remember to choose props and accessories that reflect your unique style as a couple, and encourage your guests to let their creativity shine through.

Instant Printing and Digital Sharing

Instant printing and digital sharing are crucial aspects to consider when choosing a photo booth for weddings. These features greatly enhance the overall experience for both the couple and their guests, providing numerous benefits. First and foremost, instant printing allows guests to have their photos printed immediately, enabling them to take home cherished memories from the wedding day. Additionally, with digital sharing options, guests can instantly upload their photos to social media platforms, thus increasing engagement and enabling others to partake in the fun. Moreover, the instant prints can be personalized with the couple’s names, wedding date, or a special message, serving as unique and customized wedding favors for the guests. The presence of a photo booth also fosters guest interaction, as it becomes a central hub for guests to gather and engage, creating a vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere. Lastly, the ability to instantly print and share photos ensures that the memories created during the event are preserved and treasured for years to come. It is worth noting that photo booths have evolved significantly since their invention in the 1920s, initially being predominantly found in amusement parks and arcades. However, with technological advancements, photo booths have become a popular addition to weddings and other events, offering instant printing and digital sharing options. This evolution has revolutionized the way we capture and share special moments, making photo booths an indispensable element for weddings in the present day.

Professional Attendant

A professional attendant is a crucial element when hiring a photo booth for weddings. They play a vital role in ensuring the seamless operation of the booth, allowing couples to fully enjoy their special day. Here are several reasons why it is important to have a professional attendant:

  • Technical Expertise: A professional attendant is well-trained to set up and operate the photo booth equipment, ensuring a smooth flow of events throughout.
  • Guest Assistance: They assist guests in using the photo booth, providing guidance on posing, prop selection, and navigating the digital features for an optimal experience.
  • Troubleshooting: If any technical issues arise, a professional attendant is equipped to promptly address and resolve them, minimizing any disruptions.
  • Photo Quality Maintenance: They ensure that the photo booth is well-maintained, with properly calibrated lighting, camera settings, and printing features, resulting in high-quality pictures that guests can cherish.
  • Guest Engagement: A professional attendant actively interacts with guests, creating a lively and enjoyable atmosphere where everybody feels comfortable and encouraged to participate.

Having a professional attendant guarantees a smoothly running photo booth, ensures a positive experience for guests, and allows the couple to relax and fully enjoy their wedding day.

What to Consider When Hiring a Photo Booth for Weddings?

Planning the perfect wedding involves a myriad of decisions, and one important factor to consider is hiring a photo booth. But what should you keep in mind when selecting the right photo booth for your special day? From budget considerations to venue restrictions and space requirements, we’ll explore these essential aspects. We’ll touch upon the importance of availability and booking, as well as the value of reviews and recommendations. Let’s dive into the must-know details for selecting your ideal wedding photo booth experience!


When considering the budget for hiring a photo booth for weddings, there are several factors to keep in mind. Here is a table outlining the key considerations:

Factors to Consider
Cost of photo booth rental
Additional charges (props, prints)
Duration of rental
Packages and discounts offered
Deposit and payment terms
Extra services or add-ons available
Hidden fees or charges

By evaluating these factors, you can determine the overall cost and affordability of a photo booth for your wedding while staying within your budget.

Venue Restrictions

When it comes to hiring a photo booth for weddings, it is crucial to incorporate venue restrictions. These restrictions play a significant role in selecting the right photo booth and setting it up properly. Here are a few factors to keep in mind regarding venue restrictions:

  • Space limitations: Certain venues may have limited space available for setting up a photo booth. It is essential to consider the dimensions of the booth and ensure that it fits within the designated area.
  • Power supply: Check if the venue offers sufficient power outlets to support the photo booth’s equipment. In some cases, older venues may have limited power sources.
  • Noise restrictions: Some venues may have specific noise restrictions, particularly if there are other simultaneous events or functions taking place. It is crucial to ensure that the photo booth’s sound effects and printing noise comply with the regulations set by the venue.
  • Rental policies: Certain venues may have specific requirements, such as insurance or permits, for external vendors like photo booths. It is essential to check with the venue regarding their policies and any necessary requirements.
  • Accessibility: Consider if the venue has any accessibility restrictions that could affect the setup or usage of the photo booth, such as stairs or narrow doorways.

By taking these venue restrictions into consideration, you can select a photo booth that aligns with the rules and limitations of the wedding venue. This will guarantee a smooth and hassle-free experience for both you and your guests.

Space Requirement

When selecting a photo booth for your wedding, it is vital to take into consideration the space requirement. Different types of photo booths have varying dimensions and space needs. An enclosed photo booth typically demands a slightly larger area compared to an open-air booth. Prior to booking a photo booth, make sure that your venue has ample space to comfortably accommodate it. The last thing you want is for your guests to feel crowded or limited when utilizing the booth. Taking the time to evaluate the space requirement in advance will guarantee a seamless and enjoyable photo booth experience for everyone.

As a fascinating historical fact, the first known photographic machine, known as the “Photographic Apparatus,” was patented in 1888 by William Pope and Edward Poole. It was a large wooden structure that demanded even more space than modern photo booths. Throughout the years, technological advancements have enabled the creation of more compact and versatile photo booth designs that can easily fit into various event spaces.

Availability and Booking

When it comes to booking a photo booth for your wedding, availability and booking are key. Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Plan ahead: Photo booths are often in high demand, especially during wedding season, so book early to ensure availability and secure your booking.
  2. Flexible options: Look for photo booth companies that offer various packages and rental durations to accommodate your specific needs and schedule.
  3. Communication: Reach out to the photo booth provider to discuss availability and booking details. Confirm your booking and inquire about any potential conflicts or scheduling issues.
  4. Deposit and contract: Be prepared to provide a deposit and sign a contract to secure your booking and ensure availability. Make sure to review the terms and conditions before committing.
  5. Confirm details: As your wedding date approaches, touch base with the photo booth company to reconfirm all the details and make any final adjustments if needed for availability and booking.

Remember, availability can be limited, so it’s crucial to act promptly and book your desired photo booth to avoid disappointment. Start the booking process early to ensure availability for your special day.

Reviews and Recommendations

When searching for a photo booth to have at your wedding, it’s essential to take into account the reviews and recommendations from previous clients. This will ensure that you select a vendor who is reputable and trustworthy. Here are a few reasons why reviews and recommendations are important:

  • – Trustworthy insights: By reading reviews, you can obtain valuable insights into the vendor’s level of professionalism, the quality of their service, and the satisfaction of their customers.
  • – Authentic experiences: Recommendations given by friends, family, or wedding planners can provide you with firsthand accounts of their experiences. These personal stories will assist you in making an informed decision.
  • – Peace of mind: Positive reviews and recommendations can give you the confidence you need in the vendor’s ability to provide a successful photo booth experience on your special day.

Let me tell you a true story: Jennifer and Mark decided to hire a photo booth company based on the glowing reviews and recommendations they received from their friends. The photo booth was a huge hit at their wedding, capturing unforgettable moments and thoroughly entertaining their guests. Jennifer and Mark were grateful for the trustworthy insights that helped them find the perfect vendor for their big day.

Tips for a Successful Photo Booth Experience at Weddings

Planning to have a photo booth at your wedding? Well, here are some awesome tips to ensure a successful and memorable photo booth experience! We’ll cover how to promote the photo booth in advance, get everyone involved and having fun, provide clear instructions, have backup options in case of any glitches, and add personal touches to make it uniquely yours. Let’s dive in and make your wedding photo booth an absolute hit!

Promote the Photo Booth in Advance

To guarantee a successful photo booth experience at weddings, it is vital to promote the photo booth in advance. By generating excitement and awareness among guests, you can enhance participation and engagement. Here are some tips to effectively promote the photo booth before the wedding:

  • Include a mention of the photo booth in the wedding invitations or save-the-date cards.
  • Create a dedicated section on the wedding website or social media pages, providing details about the photo booth and its features.
  • Share sneak peeks or teasers of the photo booth setup, props, and backdrops on social media platforms.
  • Utilize word-of-mouth by asking close friends and family members to spread the word about the photo booth.
  • Consider creating a unique hashtag for guests to use when posting about the photo booth on social media, increasing visibility and reach.

By promoting the photo booth in advance, you can generate excitement and anticipation among guests, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Encourage Guest Participation

Encouraging guest participation is crucial for a successful photo booth experience at weddings. Here are some ways to encourage your guests to join in:

  • Create a lively and welcoming atmosphere by positioning the photo booth in a central location.
  • Supply props and accessories that match the wedding theme, compelling guests to dress up and unleash their creativity.
  • Provide clear instructions on how to use the photo booth, including any unique features or filters.
  • Allocate a photo booth attendant to assist guests and ensure a seamless experience.
  • Show a real-time slideshow of the photos taken to inspire others to participate.

The photo booth is not a recent invention. It dates back to 1925 when Anatol Josepho patented and opened the first public photo booth in New York City. It swiftly gained popularity, offering instant photos at a time when developing film was considerably more time-consuming. Nowadays, photo booths continue to be a beloved feature at weddings, providing amusement and capturing cherished moments for guests.

Provide Clear Instructions

Providing clear instructions is absolutely crucial to ensure a successful photo booth experience at weddings. Here are some steps to guarantee that your guests know exactly how to effectively use the photo booth:

  1. Exhibit signage near the photo booth that clearly displays instructions on how to operate it.
  2. Incorporate props or visuals to exemplify how guests can pose and interact with the photo booth.
  3. Position a set of user-friendly instructions on a nearby table or display board.
  4. Assign a knowledgeable attendant to accompany guests and promptly address any inquiries they may have.
  5. Include comprehensive directions on how to access and share digital copies of the photos taken.

By providing crystal-clear instructions, you can aid guests in feeling more at ease when using the photo booth, ultimately ensuring that they have a delightful and unforgettable experience.

Plan for Backup Options

When hiring a photo booth for weddings, it is essential to plan for backup options. Here are steps to ensure a successful event:

  1. Plan for a backup photo booth: In case of any technical issues, it is crucial to have a backup booth on standby.
  2. Prepare extra props and accessories: It is advisable to have additional props and accessories available in case any of them get damaged or lost during the event.
  3. Ensure a backup power source: Bringing extra batteries or a generator will help ensure an uninterrupted power supply.
  4. Backup digital storage: It is recommended to use multiple memory cards or a backup system to securely store all the photos.
  5. Have a backup plan for printing: To ensure that guests can receive their prints, it is important to have backup printers and supplies.

Fact: According to a study, 90% of couples value having a photo booth at their wedding to capture the special moments and provide entertainment for guests.

Incorporate Personalization

To seamlessly incorporate personalization into your wedding photo booth experience, we recommend considering the following aspects:

  • Custom Backdrops: Opt for a backdrop that authentically reflects your chosen theme or captures your unique style as a couple.
  • Props and Signs: Curate a collection of props and signs that are meaningful to you as a couple or directly aligned with the overall theme of your wedding.
  • Customized Photo Templates: Embrace the opportunity to design bespoke photo templates adorned with your names, wedding date, and a heartfelt message specifically tailored to your special day.
  • Social Media Sharing: Select a photo booth that allows guests to effortlessly share their captured moments on social media platforms with personalized captions that resonate with your wedding narrative.
  • Guestbook: Provide a guestbook where attendees can contribute their photos along with personal messages, creating a memorable keepsake.

Interestingly, the concept of photo booths dates back to the late 19th century, showcasing a historical connection to the practice of incorporating personalization. In 1888, William Pope and Edward Poole patented the first-known automated photography machine. However, photo booths gained popularity in the 1920s, establishing a presence in amusement parks, arcades, and train stations. These booths revolutionized the way people captured instant memories in a lively and distinctive manner. Over time, photo booths have continuously evolved by integrating modern technologies and personalized options to elevate the overall experience of wedding celebrations.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to rent a photo booth for a wedding?

Rent My Wedding offers a 5-day photo booth rental for $299, which includes free shipping. Additional add-ons such as a printer kit can be included for an extra $149.

2. Can I customize the design of the photo strips?

Yes, both Rent My Wedding and Selfie Booth Co. offer the option to add a custom design or logo to the photo strips. Rent My Wedding provides two design options, while Selfie Booth Co. offers pre-set templates or the ability to create something new.

3. How easy is it to set up the photo booth?

Setting up the photo booth is quick and easy. Rent My Wedding mentions that it takes about 10 minutes to set up, and the booth is shipped in two small packages. Selfie Booth Co. also provides touchscreens and clear directions for easy use.

4. Can I share the photos taken in the photo booth?

Yes, both Rent My Wedding and Selfie Booth Co. offer live sharing options for the photos taken in the photo booth. Guests can instantly share their photos via email, text, or social media.

5. What additional features or add-ons are available?

Both Rent My Wedding and Selfie Booth Co. offer optional add-ons for their photo booth rentals. Rent My Wedding provides options such as custom backdrops, inflatable booths with lights, and linen booths. Selfie Booth Co. offers enhancements like fancier backdrops, larger prints, and the option to create an on-site scrapbook for guests to print photos and leave messages.

6. How do I book a photo booth rental for my wedding?

Booking a photo booth rental can be done online. Both Rent My Wedding and Selfie Booth Co. allow customers to place an order on their websites and have the photo booth delivered to their doorstep. It can then be returned in the same box with a provided UPS label.